Raise A Glass to Our Community

We are proud to support the work of talented community groups throughout Chapel Hill and Orange County. We've partnered with hundreds of local non-profits, student organizations, civic clubs and community advocates to help raise funds and awareness for their causes. Fill out the form below for your group to be considered for a Charity Monday. If selected, TOPO will donate $1 from each select pint sold on your day. 

Desired Date *
Desired Date
Mondays only. No home UNC basketball gamedays, please.
Group Representative Name *
Group Representative Name
Group Representative Phone Number *
Group Representative Phone Number
Please provide the name that checks should be made out to.
Group/Organization Address *
Group/Organization Address
Please provide the correct mailing address where checks can be sent.
Would you be interested in bringing in a group to the restaurant on your Charity Monday? If so, how many people will potentially be attending?
What is your plan for generating interest and bringing people to the fundraiser? Describe your target market and please inform us to what extent our company name will be recognized and how. Please note that TOPO will not be responsible for creating promotional materials for your group's Charity Monday, but we are happy to distribute them once created.