STRAIGHT From the tank to your glass. 

Top of the Hill has been a functioning microbrewery since opening our doors in 1996, making us the 8th oldest surviving brewery in the state. Though our roots are in English-style ales, we have brewed over 75 different varieties of beer, from our flagship Kenan Lager to seasonal favorites with a cult following (we’re looking at you, Blue Ridge Blueberry Wheat).

We are one of the few breweries in the nation to have platinum medals for three separate beers. Although you can only get it at TOPO in Chapel Hill, we are recognized world-wide for being purveyors of fine brews. Our commitment to using quality ingredients, like malt from UNC alumni-led Fawcett & Sons, truly sets our beers apart. We hope you enjoy them! 


Freshly Tapped

Two beers are maintained on tap year round: the Kenan Lager and the Old Well White. We also always have an IPA on tap, as well as a dark beer served on a nitrogenated tap. Two other taps rotate styles that vary between a total of approximately 20 different beers being brewed every year [out of 60 total TOPO recipes].

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local minded

For years we've been a part of the movement to source as much of our ingredients as close to home as possible. Our protein-rich spent grain makes its way to local farms to feed livestock. The restaurant buys meats from a number of these farms, creating a 360-degree local food hub.

currently on tap


kenan LAGER

A refreshing beer with a very light color, a delicate taste & a dry finish. Named after UNC benefactors Frank & Betty Kenan as a token of thanks for giving the proprietor his law school scholarship.

ABV | 4.2%
Regular [16oz] | $5.50
Half Pint [10oz] | $4.50


old well white

A smooth and refreshing Belgian style wheat beer that is hazy in the glass. The characteristic flavor of wheat is partnered with orange peel and coriander for a refreshing, sweet and spicy beer.

ABV | 6.0% 
Regular [16oz] | $5.50
Half Pint [10oz] | $4.50


ram's head ipa

Strong hop flavors dominate, but do not overwhelm, this internationally known beer. This IPA took platinum in the World Beer Championship.

ABV | 6.9% 
Regular [16oz] | $6.00
Half Pint [10oz] | $5.00


cane creek cranapple wheat

Seasonal American wheat beer that features apple sweetness balanced by slightly tart cranberry flavor, which fades into a blend of fall spices

ABV | 5.1%
Regular [16oz] | $5.50
Half Pint [10oz] | $4.50


The Semester Abroad session

A light-bodied session IPA brewed and dry-hopped with Japanese Sorachi Ace hops. This crisp ale features pilsner malt accented by pronounced lemon notes and a unique bitter tea-like finish

ABV | 4.5%
Regular [16oz] | $5.50
Half Pint [10oz] | $4.50


Frank graham porter

Our English-style porter is served on a nitrogen tap, boasting flavors of roasted & dry black coffee. It finishes with a crisp, balanced bitterness. 

ABV | 4.4%
Regular [16oz] | $5.50
Half Pint [10oz] | $4.50

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The Campus Session Series introduces a new session beer every semester. Session beers are characterized by low alcohol percentages (5% or less) and mellow flavors and aromas. These brews are inspired by the rhythms of campus life; highly drinkable, they are a perfect companion to all-day study sessions, prolonged departmental meetings, and after-seminar gatherings of colleagues.

We’ll tap a new session beer each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester, so look forward to the seasonal evolution of our lineup.

Cask Beer Program


We are proud to offer the first full-time cask conditioned ale program in the South. These unfiltered beers undergo natural fermentation & are served at cellar temperature. The result is a beer that has a gentler level of carbonation & a rounder mouthfeel. 



Dr. Claire’s ipa

Our Ram’s Head IPA complimented with passion fruit purée.

Berried Alive porter

Spooky October Cask: Our Frank Graham Porter infused with strawberry and dark chocolate.