From the tank to your glass. 

After opening our doors in 1996, TOPO's brewery is now the 8th oldest surviving brewery in North Carolina. We brew all of our beers right on the premises. We're also proud to be the first establishment in the South to have a full-time cask-conditioned ale program on premise.

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Freshly Tapped

Three beers are maintained on tap year round–the Kenan Lager, Old Well White and Ram's Head IPA. Three other taps rotate styles that vary between a total of approximately 20 beers being brewed every year out of 60 TOPO recipes. 

Cask Ales This Week

Coffee Porter with local Cascade hops: A nice coffee porter dry hopped with local Cascade hops.

Blood Orange Ram's Head IPA: Our Ram's Head IPA with the addition of blood orange.


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Local Minded

For years we've been a part of the movement to source as much of our ingredients as close to home as possible. Our protein-rich spent grain makes its way to local farms to feed livestock. The restaurant buys meats from a number of these farms, creating a 360 degree local food hub.

The Awards are Piling Up

Top of the Hill Brewery is one of the few breweries in the nation to have platinum medals for three separate beers. Although you can only get it at TOPO in Chapel Hill, we are recognized world-wide for being purveyors of fine brews. If you'd like to peruse our awards over the years, click here for a full listing. 


Bunny Hearn honey Brown

An English-style brown ale brewed with 10 gallons of organic honey. Semi-sweet with a dry finish and an earthy hop characteristic. 
ABV: 5.4%
16 oz Regular: $6.00
10 oz Half: $5.00



Two-hour delay winter wheat

Our newest seasonal beer offers the aroma of gingerbread. A blend of traditional holiday spices and orange peel subtly accent this perfect winter time treat.
ABV: 4.9%
16 oz Regular: $5.50
10 oz Half: $4.50


 Blackwood mountain stout

This nitrogenated dry Irish stout pours black with a cream tan head. This beer has plenty of roasted coffee notes and a clean crisp finish.
ABV: 4.9%
16 oz Regular: $5.50
10 oz Half: $4.50

Kenan Lager

A refreshing beer with a very light color, a delicate taste and a dry finish. Named after UNC benefactors Frank & Betty Kenan as a token of thanks for giving the proprietor his scholarship to law school.
ABV: 4.2%. 

16 oz Regular: $5.50
10 oz Half: $4.50

Old Well White.jpg

Old Well White

A smooth and refreshing Belgian style wheat beer that is hazy in the glass. The characteristic flavor of wheat is partnered with orange peel and coriander for a refreshing, sweet and spicy beer.
ABV: 6.0%. 

16 oz Regular: $5.50
10 oz Half: $4.50


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Strong hop flavors dominate, but do not overwhelm, this internationally known beer. This iPA took platinum in the World Beer Championship.
ABV 6.9%
16 oz Regular: $6.00
10 oz Half: $5.00